InsurGrid customers are now able to create custom InsurGrid Links for their referral partners or networking and community events. These custom InsurGrid Links will help customers build a stronger relationship with referral partners and understand where most clients are coming from.

How does it work?

Insert the referral partner's name or occupation or event you would like to track in the field provided. Select 'Create link'. From here an InsurGrid Link with all your customization will be created. These custom referral InsurGrid Links work exactly the same as the original InsurGrid Link you set up, however, now you can understand which referral partners or events are producing the most client insurance data. For a visual example please see below:

How do I know what links my clients are coming from?

The client card in the InsurGrid Agent Dashboard will indicate what link each client came through. To view the source of the client submission, click to expand the card find 'Source'. From here you will be able to view what custom referral link was used to gather your client's insurance data. See an example below:

Change or add sources

You have the ability to change or add a source of a client data submission. To do so, navigate to the client card, find the 'Source' select the pencil image, and select the plus image. From here you will be able to change or add the source of a client data submission. See an example below:

You will be able to see the total number of submissions each link has collected. See below:

Where can I find this?

To create your own custom referral links navigate to the 'Tools' tab of your InsurGrid Link. Next, select 'Custom referral links'. From here you are able to create custom referral links to start sharing today! For a visual understanding of where this feature is located please see the image below:

If you have any questions to help you with this feature, don't hesitate to email

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