The ability for InsurGrid customers to be able to access added team members' client submissions and declarations has been added to the InsurGrid Agent Dashboard. This feature will allow InsurGrid customers to quickly get an idea of the business their added team members are driving through their InsurGrid Links.

To view your team member's submission and declarations pages, log into your InsurGrid Agent Dashboard. Proceed to the 'Dashboard' then navigate to the Submissions for agent filter (see below). Select the dropdown arrow on the right and choose the name of the team member you'd like to see the client submissions and declarations pages of. This feature will only appear if you have added team members to your InsurGrid account.

REMINDER: This feature is only available to agency owners. Admins will not have the ability to see other dec pages and client submissions from their InsurGrid Agent Dashboards only agency owners. An agency owner is defined as the insurance agent who is the first person from their agency to sign up for InsurGrid. For more information on team members please the following Help Center article on Team Management.

If you have any questions to help you with this feature, don't hesitate to email!

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