InsurGrid provides the ability to email your prospective clients directly from our interface. We provide templates that agents have shared with us that have worked well for them in getting their prospective clients to submit their dec pages. We also provide the ability for you to create custom templates to personalize your message to clients.

To add a new template, from the menu, click Get Dec Pages, then click Custom Templates. You will see a screen like this one below 👇

Adding Templates

To add a new template, simply click Create template, and a form will appear:

Please provide the Template name as a sensible name that you can use within InsurGrid to distinguish one custom template from another. The Subject will be the subject InsurGrid uses in the email we send the client on your behalf. And the Body is the body of the email we will send.

You can personalize the body of the email with a few variables we provide. Agent Name and Client Name are both optional, and we replace these variables with your name and the name of the client at the time we send the email. You will see these values during the preview as well. The InsurGrid Link is required in the body of the email.

To add any of these variables, simply position your cursor within the body of the template, and click the variable. The InsurGrid Link also requires the link text that we should use in the body of the message. When you click this variable, you will be prompted for this text.

Previewing Custom Templates

Before you save your template, you can preview it to see exactly what your client would see. At this time, the only area that can be customized is the body of the email. We will also use your agency's logo and your name at the very top of the email.

Sending Custom Templates

To send your custom template, navigate to Get Dec Pages and from the Choose a template drop down, select the custom template you wish to send.

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