We have added the ability to track the sales status of your clients to help you focus attention on clients by status. This highly requested feature will allow you to specify pending, quoted, closed won, or closed lost for each submission. You will then be able to filter the view for submissions in those statuses. And for your closed won, you can specify the amount of premium you closed, to help you better measure the value InsurGrid provides to your business.

To update the status of a client, simply click on the specific client, and click the drop-down next to "Sales status". That will reveal the 4 statuses:

Setting Premium

If you select "Closed Won", you can specify the actual premium closed with the deal to help you track the actual premium you have collected:

Filtering by Sales Funnel Status

To help you with your sales process, and to review clients by status, we have made it possible to filter by clients by sales funnel status, as shown below:

If you have any questions to help you with this feature, don't hesitate to email support@insurgrid.com

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