To start out in order to find your InsurGrid QR Code navigate to the 'Get Dec Pages' tab of your InsurGrid Agent Dashboard. Once in the 'Get Dec Pages' tab select QR code. This will then take you to your InsurGrid QR code.

In order to download your QR code to your computer, scroll below your InsurGrid QR code select 'Download' and it will be downloaded to your computer.

How to upload your InsurGrid QR code to a business card?

The most popular way to use your InsurGrid QR code is to put it on your business card. Doing this will give you the ability to share your business cards with clients. They will then have access to scan your QR code and share their insurance information with you directly.

You can create a business card with your InsurGrid QR code on it by navigating to and watching the instructional video below.

What happens when a client scans your InsurGrid QR code?

When a client scans your InsurGrid QR code they will be taken directly to your InsurGrid Link landing page. For more information on this process please watch the video below:

For further information on how InsurGrid customers are using their QR codes check out the article below -

Best way to use your InsurGrid Link QR Code

For any further questions about your InsurGrid account please contact us at

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