How to change credit card on file?

There's an easy way to update/change your credit card on file. Simply go to your Settings in your Agent Dashboard. Under Subscription, click "Update payment" and you'll be able to enter in the new credit card then click "Submit payment details".

How to receive an invoice?

You can view all invoices from your InsurGrid Agent Dashboard. To navigate to the subscription tab of your InsurGrid Agent Dashboard. To navigate to your InsurGrid Agent Dashboard, select the drop-down in the top right corner. Next, select 'Settings' and navigate to the 'Subscription' tab. Once there you can view an invoice by clicking 'Download' for the month you wish to review. This will download a copy of the invoice to the files section of your computer.

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How to receive one month free?

In order for you and your team to receive your second month of InsurGrid free either you or one member of your team must achieve 10 complete submissions within the first month of signing up for InsurGrid. The 10 completed submissions can only come from one member of the team. It can not be a collective effort as a team.

How to cancel your InsurGrid subscription?

To start, navigate to your InsurGrid Agent Dashboard. From the InsurGrid Agent Dashboard navigate to the top right corner where you will see your name and your profile image. Select the down arrow and click Settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE - You are not able to cancel your InsurGrid subscription over email. All cancellations of an InsurGrid subscription must be done through the InsurGrid Agent Dashboard under the 'Subscription' tab. If this is not done the account will not be canceled and you will continue to be charged.

Once in settings, navigate to the Subscription tab then select 'Cancel subscription'. This will then direct you to ChurnKey.


To fully cancel your account you must select a reason for cancelation and provide a 40 character reason for why you are canceling. If a 40 character reason is not submitted, the cancelation will not be successfully accepted, your InsurGrid subscription will remain active, and you will continue to be charged.

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