Being a brand new technology, agents who sign up with InsurGrid have questions on how to implement their InsurGrid Link. We have put together a step by step guide for how to use your InsurGrid account. Please follow the instructions below and you'll be on your way!

Step 1: Attend Weekly Training

Step 2: Identify Who to Share your InsurGrid Link with

If you're not sure who to share your InsurGrid Link with, we put together a list of people agent's share their InsurGrid Link with:

Who to send your InsurGrid link to:

  • Prospective clients requesting a quote

  • Anyone who has requested a quote this month that you haven’t heard back from

  • Monoline clients

    • When was the last time you reached out to those new home buyers about bundling?

  • Commercial clients that don't have their personal lines with you

  • Prospects you quoted in the past that you didn't win but are up for renewals

  • Referral partners: mortgage brokers, real estate agents, automotive dealerships

Step 3: Share you InsurGrid Link using these proven templates:

Texting Templates:

  • "I'm going to do a lot of work before we walk through your coverage needs. You should receive a text from me now, go ahead and fill out that form."

  • "Hey NAME, thanks for reaching out. Please click this link to provide me with some brief info and a copy of your policies. This will allow me to provide accurate proposals and send you a side-by-side comparison."

  • "Can you click this link and log into your online account for your current insurance? It’s super simple and it will send me your VIN numbers, lain info on your car, and everything I need. That way I can check for any gaps in insurance and be able to get you the right coverages for the right price."

  • "To start the quoting process all I need you to do is click the link I'm about to text you. If you've ever connected your bank account to your venmo account, it's the same thing and takes 2 minutes. Normally you would have to find the information yourself and email it to me which is a HUGE PAIN. Once we get the information we will be able to evaluate your current coverage and provide a competitive quote."

How to introduce your InsurGrid Link when talking on the phone:

  • "Do you have an online account? Great, what I'm going to do is send a link. This link is a secure and easy way for you to share your current policy information with me without all the hassle. All you need to do is connect your online account by logging in and I will be able to review all of your current policies and provide consultation on the right coverage for you."

  • "I’m going to send you this secure link, go ahead and fill it out and I will have everything that I need to create a quote."

Facebook Post Templates - this can be on your personal account or business account

  • "Message me today so I can save you money! Imagine saving $50 or more a month on your car insurance! Message me or click the link below and log into your current insurance online. It will send me the documents electronically, allowing me to review them and run you free quotes!" INSERT INSURGRID LINK

  • "Are you curious if you have the right coverages? Want to get a lower price or lower deductibles? Let me review your policy and run a free quote! Just click this link to log into your current insurance and it will send me your coverage documents to review them! Quick and simple!" INSERT INSURGRID LINK

Email templates to send to monoline clients:

Subject Line: Bundling your home + auto 🏡 🚘


I know we currently insure your home but I wanted to reach out and let you know that we can save you even more money by bundling your auto and home insurance. We've even made it simple to review your current coverage. All you have to do is click the link below and connect your account. From there I will be able to see your current policy and put together the best quote:


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!

Subject Line: Maximize Your Savings 💰!

Thank you for your continued business. One of the best ways to save on your insurance is to bundle. To make your comparison EASY, click this link (INSERT INSURGRID LINK) to have your current auto insurance declaration page sent to me so that I can provide you with a quote.

Have a great day!

BONUS STEP: Save your InsurGrid Link on your phone

If you're ever out and about and someone is interested in a quote, all you have to do is quickly text them your InsurGrid Link. We put together a quick video for how to add your InsurGrid Link to the notes app on your iPhone (Android video to come)

Still confused? Let's talk!

If you have gone through and completed these 3 steps and are still not seeing any results, we would love to talk with you and get feedback on how we can improve our process! Please find a time that works for you here:

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