SMS Feature

InsurGrid customers can send their InsurGrid Link directly to their mobile devices. To do so, navigate to the 'Tools' section of the InsurGrid Agent Dashboard. Once here select, 'Link'. Below the InsurGrid Link is a field to insert the customer's mobile phone number. Once completed select send. The customer will receive a text saying the following:

"Welcome to InsurGrid. You can copy the link and save on your phone for easy access to text to clients:"

Text Templates

Template 1

Hey! This is NAME from NAME. Before you auto block me, understand that I may be able to provide you a little bit of a benefit. I've got a secure link that you can click on that will give me all the information I need to give you an informed quote. Follow this link to get started.

Template 2

Hey! Thanks for reaching out. I'd love to help. If you use the link below, it'll walk you through collecting everything I'd need to quote it. It'll also go out to CARRIERS site for you and pull a copy of your current coverage so I can make sure it's apples to apples. Usually takes like 90 seconds to complete it.

Template 3

Hey! Happy to help. This link will walk you through everything I'd need from you and your wife. DOB, DL #, etc. It'll go out and pull a copy of your CARRIERS docs for you and email them over to me so I can match your coverage etc.

Template 4

Awesome. We can definitely help. If you click through that link, it'll ask for everyone's birthdays and driver's license numbers. It'll then walk you through to CARRIERS website, and it'll go out, pull copies of your current policies, and email them over to me so I can pull your VIN #s and match your coverages. It all takes about 2 minutes.

Template 5

Great! If you will walk through this link. It will collect your DL #s and birthdays, it'll then go out to CARRIERS website for you, pull copies of your current coverage, and email them over to me on your behalf. I'll use them to match your coverage and deductibles and see how we come back. It takes like 2 min to knock it out.

Here is an agent, who has collected over $500K in premium with InsurGrid, walk through the text templates he uses on a daily basis -

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