We put together phone scripts to help you introduce your InsurGrid Link with clients. These phone scripts are simple and easy to read for the next time you’re on the phone with a client and you need to receive their dec pages.

Here are phone scripts we’ve collected from some of our top agents:

Script 1:

To get started all I need is a little information from you and I will put together my most competitive quote. You should have just received a text message from me. Go ahead and fill out the information and I will be able to review your current policy.

Script 2:

  • Do you have an online account with your current insurance provider?

  • If they say yes: I'm going to send you a secure link and all you have to do is connect your policy and our system pulls all your data so I can create the most competitive quote for you.

Script 3

NAME, what I'm going to do is make this process so easy for you. I'm gonna shoot you a link and if you can just click on that link and login to your current carrier, then your policy information (coverage/vehicles/etc) will automatically upload to me.We're going to make this so easy on you. You're gonna love doing business with us. We'll review your information then send over our recommendations.

Script 4

NAME, thank you for your interest in getting a quote from AGENCY NAME. The first step is to review your current insurance so our team can make the best policy recommendation. We've made it really easy for you.I just emailed/texted you a secure link, click that link and enter your information. Once you complete the process our system automatically pulls your policy information. Like I said, the process is really easy!

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