Share your custom QR code

Share with anyone you need to collect dec pages from to start a quote. Agents have printed them on business cards, koozies, ads on shoppings carts. Get creative!

  • Raffles - Use your InsurGrid Link QR code for raffles at community events, trade shows, golf outings, or whatever it might be. Have your InsurGrid Link QR code visible on your booth or table. Have visitors enter the raffle by completing your InsurGrid Link.

  • Mailers - Include your InsurGrid Link QR Code as an easy way for folks to visit your InsurGrid Link on mailers. We always suggest sending mailers that are themed to the time or the year or share something that is unique to grab people's attention.

  • Community Advertisements - include your InsurGrid Link QR Code on community advertisements whether it's at the bus stop, the grocery store, or a big billboard at the local High School's football stadium. The InsurGrid Link QR Code makes it super easy for people to get started.

  • Business Cards - Your business card is super important to share your contact information and provide next steps on how that person can get started shopping for insurance. Include your InsurGrid Link QR Code on your business card so client's know where to begin.

  • Social Events - Have your InsurGrid Link QR Code ready at any social event whether it's a block party, a friend's party or even your child's baseball game. Your InsurGrid Link QR Code will make it easy for anyone to share their insurance information with you to get started.

You can download your custom InsurGrid Link QR Code by navigating to Get Dec Pages > QR Code

For more information on your InsurGrid QR code please refer to the Accessing your InsurGrid Link QR Code help center article.

For any further questions about your InsurGrid account please contact us at

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