• Include your InsurGrid Link in every piece of communication with your purchased leads whether it's the first email or last

  • When you receive a new purchased lead, it's very important you send a text and email right away within minutes with your InsurGrid Link to have them get started right away

  • Make your emails and communication to purchased leads are funny or include something that is unique, this way you will stand out from the 3+ other insurance agents who are contacting the same lead

  • Starting thinking about your purchased leads as data, you shouldn't expect to close the lead on your first outreach, leads are data full of information that you can use to build the relationship with the lead and be able to close them at the right time

Here are examples of funny and unique phrases to use in your emails to contact purchase leads:

"Hey! This is NAME from NAME. Before you auto block me, understand that I may be able to provide you a little bit of a benefit. I've got a secure link that you can click on that will give me all the information I need to give you an informed quote. Follow this link to get started."

Here is an agent explaining how he thinks about using his InsurGrid Link with purchased leads:

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