• An incomplete submission is when someone partially completes your InsurGrid Link and did not complete you get an email this person started and did not complete.

  • These incomplete submissions will appear on your agent dashboard with their name, phone number and email.

  • These clients are hot leads and you should immediately give them a phone call or follow-up right away to have them complete your InsurGrid Link.

  • An email was sent to the client with you cc'd when our system detected that they did not complete your InsurGrid Link. We suggest you either call the client right away upon receiving this email, reply back to the reminder email or both.

Incomplete submissions will show up on your Agent Dashboard like this:

You can use the following email template to reply on the reminder email:


I saw this reminder email for you to complete my InsurGrid Link. The InsurGrid Link is there to help you easily and securely share your information for me to do all the work for you preparing a new quote. It should only take 60 seconds to complete.

Once I receive your information, I'll do all the work for you and prepare a new quote to provide recommendations on your insurance policies. What can I help with in the meantime?



Sending Reminders

InsurGrid customers have the ability to send reminders to incomplete submissions directly from their InsurGrid Agent Dashboard. To do so, select the incomplete submission dropdown, navigate to the right side of the submission, and select the 'Remind' button. To see how this will appear please see the following clip:

Here's a video of an agent talk through how he manages his incomplete submissions:

For further assistance on incomplete submission please email us at support@insurgrid.com. We are always happy to help!

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