When a client starts, but doesn't complete providing their information, the information will be presented with the status "Incomplete" in your dashboard as such:

Incomplete submission from a client

This information will only be visible in your dashboard 30 minutes after the client started, but did not complete, providing their information. Also after those 30 minutes elapse, to nudge the client to finish providing you their insurance information, we will email the client requesting that they return to InsurGrid to complete their submission. Here is what the email to the client looks like:

Email to client when they have an incomplete submission

When the click the link from the email "Complete Submission", the client will pick up where they left off. At that time, we'll also notify you, the agent, that a submission has been started by the client.

Submission Filters

If you'd like to just see incomplete submissions from your clients, you can always filter for them from the list of filters at the top of the Agent Dashboard:

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