We've made it incredibly easy for you to manage your agency settings. This functionality is available to any administrator for the Agency.

To start, from the InsurGrid Dashboard open the menu at the top right, and click "Settings".

The settings button to access your InsurGrid settings

From here, click "Agency", and you'll see all of the settings for your agency.

The screen for editing the settings of your agency

Editing these settings will affect the look of the InsurGrid Link for each of the agents in your agency. The logo will appear in the top left, with your agency name adjacent. And your brand color will be used for the styling the color of the buttons, icons, and top progress bar to most accurately represent your agency.

How customization affects your InsurGrid Link

Agency Logo

In order to best represent your agency on your InsurGrid Link, we offer 3 options for logo proportions: Square, Rectangle and Wide. The minimum dimensions for logos are 128 pixels for each the height and width.

Manage your agency's logo with our great crop tool

To make it easier to vertically and horizontally center the image, when the image is not centered on either axis, you will find these buttons to quickly and easily center your image:

Image centering buttons

Have any questions or need additional assistance with this feature? Please don't hesitate to reach out to support@insurgrid.com or chat with us using the help icon on the bottom right of the screen.

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