My family has been in the insurance industry since 1876 when my great great grandfather T.B. Beach started T.B. Beach & Sons in Schenectady, New York. Fast forward, my parents today run an insurance agency in Cincinnati, Ohio (my Dad's license plate says "Life Man"). Even my Aunt and Uncle are still in insurance and they both work for Hauser Insurance Group. My family represents 5 generations of insurance entrepreneurs.

I grew up listening to my parents at the dinner table talking shop on insurance and their agency. I remember running around my parent's insurance agency learning about what it was like to be an agency owner and the challenges that came along with it. I lived and breathed insurance my entire life — there was honestly no way to avoid it. I loved it though, and felt that it was part my DNA.

I first helped my parent's with cold calling people for X dates and finding life insurance customers who would be potential P&C cross sells. Dad always said "there's gold in the file cabinets" at their insurance agency. I understand the frustrations behind seeing insurance and never ending admin work.

In 2015, I moved to San Francisco to work at OpenDNS. I was apart of their outbound sales team and helped sell the company to Cisco for $635M. I then started working at a robotics tech startup as their first sales hire. I traveled 53 cities across 16 countries launching their product and sold the world's first industrial exoskeleton system to the United States Navy. I felt firsthand what it's like to sell products in the 21st century.

Come 2018, I was able to take a break and spend the holidays with my family after constantly trying to solve the traveling salesman problem. I started talking to my Mom about how everything was going at the family insurance agency. Everything was going well, steadily growing, but she kept coming back to this one challenge, this one pain that kept her up at night.

She was still figuring out how to collect declaration pages from the insured to write new personal lines business. I remember growing up I was tasked to help track what information was collected from what prospect. I remember how difficult this was for my parents and it was still the same challenge today — some 15 years later. She explained this never-ending process that led to low success rates.

She needed to get the insured on the phone, ask them a laundry list of questions or go back and forth over email trying to get accurate information. Not to mention, there were intake forms with 30+ questions, which would never get completely filled out. This part of the insurance sales process took days or weeks. Sometimes she didn't get this information at all and she had to blindly quote.

I realized that my Mom's process was very similar to my great great grandfather T.B.'s process in the 1800's. It's been over 100 years and my family still spent time collecting information from the insured to quote. I couldn't understand. How come after all these years nothing has changed? I wanted to dig deeper and spoke to hundreds of agents. I realized they all had the same challenge and worked under the same failed process. Why is this?

Sales reps spend less than 36% of the time selling. Insurance agents spend 80% of their time collecting information. On top of that, 92% of American's don't know what comprehensive coverage means and 76% don't understand what property damage liability coverage means. People know what the declaration of independence is, but they have 0 idea what their insurance declaration pages are. An agent's sales process is doomed. Consumer's don't know what this information means and they don't know where to find it. Agents will continually have this challenge unless something changes.

I am convinced that there is a new way. Agents need a 21st century approach to their sales process. An approach to collect information to make their lives easier, take the heavy lifting off the insured, and enables them to extend a modern experience to clients.

Agents need a 21st century approach to their sales process. An approach to collect information to make their lives easier, take the heavy lifting off the insured, and enables them to extend a modern experience to clients. There's a better way to collect information from the insured and automate the quoting process to become more successful**. We're building InsurGrid to introduce a new sales process** to make insurance fast, easy, and E&O free, saving the agency time and money.

My grandfather used to say, "your greatest security in life is your value to someone else." We're on a mission to provide insurance agents with tools to make them more valuable to their customers.

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