Streamlining clients form process - Instead of having to spend weeks collecting information via phone, email, etc. to quote a client, the InsurGrid Link provides your clients a modern consumer experience to share all the information you need to sell insurance products in an easy, secure, and modern way.

Cross-selling commercial & personal insurance products - Retrieve personal lines insurance decelerations pages from your commercial clients to see where you can help them save. InsurGrid Link enables agents to deepen client relationships and add more value to existing clients.

Sending link to current customers - You can run campaigns with existing customers to double check their insurance with the InsurGrid Link and understand whether there’s other opportunities to sell additional products or bundle products for discounts.

Driving customer acquisition - Lengthy client forms and email threads decreases conversions from online advertising. InsurGrid Link gives clients an easy, secure, and modern process to share their information.

Maximizing renewals - When clients are up for renewal, it’s the perfect time to evaluate whether your clients are maximizing their coverage and costs. Use InsurGrid Link to double check their current insurance and understand whether there’s other opportunities.

Make value out of recycled clients - Agents engage with thousands of clients every year. Agents lose business from failing to collect consumer information for policy evaluation and quoting. InsurGrid Link tool helps your agency increase engagement from every client.

Managing referrals from partners - Whether you work with a mortgage broker or real estate agents or clients who provide referrals, InsurGrid Link helps you streamline the referral process and provides an easy way to quickly determine the best policy for the referral.

Preventing E&O errors - We get it, collecting accurate information is difficult for the client and agent. The client doesn’t always send over the right information, the agent doesn’t have a good way to validate the information, and both parties are left with potential errors. InsurGrid Link provides accurate and reliable data from clients and customers.

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